The Lake Sessions

Dara Smith-MacDonald, Adam Young + Brent Chaisson

Traditional East Coast music featuring fiddle, piano and guitar





by Dara Smith-MacDonald + Adam Young + Brent Chaisson

Released June 2019

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Recorded October 27-28, 2018, and January 12-13, 2019 at Taigh nan Òg (Adam's house), French Road, Nova Scotia and Studio Dimanche, Miscouche, Prince Edward Island
Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Brent Chaisson, Studio Dimanche
Photography by DAVEYANDSKY, David Anderson and Skylar Gillis
Layout and Design by Adam Young

Fiddle: Dara Smith-MacDonald
Piano, accordion, keyboard: Adam Young
Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums/percussion, additional fiddle: Brent Chaisson

Track list:

  1. Chasin’ the Storm - 7:49
    Grand Étang - Howie MacDonald
    Compliments to Cameron Chisholm - Maybelle Chisholm
    Brent Chaisson’s Strathspey - Andrea Beaton
    Brent Chaisson’s Reel - Andrea Beaton
    Johnny WIlmot’s Fiddle - Elmer Briand
    Renee MacLeod’s - Glenn Graham
    Storm Party - Jean MacNeil

  2. Birthday Jigs - 3:05
    Gillian Jiggs - Colin Grant
    Dara’s - Adam Young
    Annie May’s Birthday - Joe Doucette

  3. A Mira Melody - 4:05
    Tracey Dares-MacNeil

  4. Mayday - 4:26
    Mayday - Colin Grant
    The Elusive Bear Cat - Gillian Head
    Yank’s - David Papazian
    Reel for Carl - Jerry Holland (Fiddlesticks Music)

  5. The Celtic Heart - 3:39
    Adam Young

  6. The Longest Night - 7:25
    The Shortest Day - Adam Young
    Corporal AB - Hector MacKenzie
    Gabrielle’s - John Morris Rankin (Ole Sound Productions, Ltd.)
    Tea Gardens - Angus Chisholm
    Grand Mira - Mickey Gillis & Angus MacDougall

  7. Last Is First - 7:28
    The Last March - John Morris Rankin (Ole Sound Productions, Ltd.)
    Donald Angus Beaton - Sandy MacInnis
    Angus Ronald Beaton’s - Donald Angus Beaton
    Missing Marc - Andrea Beaton
    The Burning House - Brenda Stubbert
    The Lion - Paul Cranford (Cranford Publications)

  8. Between the Woods and Frozen Lake - 2:52
    Adam Young

  9. Cape Breton’s Greatest Hits - 9:55
    Memories of Paddy LeBlanc - Donald Angus Beaton
    Lime Hill - Dan R MacDonald (Cameron Music Sales)
    Anne MacNamara - Dan R MacDonald (Cameron Music Sales)
    Trip to Windsor - Dan R MacDonald (Cameron Music Sales)
    Laurel’s - Allie Bennett
    Brenda Stubbert’s - Jerry Holland (Fiddlesticks Music)
    Jack Daniel’s - John Morris Rankin (Ole Sound Productions, Ltd.)
    Michael Rankin’s - John Morris Rankin (Ole Sound Productions, Ltd.)
    Hull’s - John Morris Rankin (Ole Sound Productions, Ltd.)

  10. Home Away from Home - 5:05
    Boîte à Frissons - Pastelle LeBlanc
    Dot MacKinnon’s - Kevin Chaisson
    Ceilidh at 7A - Tim Chaisson
    The Lion’s Den - Ward Allen MacDonald
    O’Leary Fury - Brent Chaisson